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Rita Kingsbury
Rita K.
00:07 17 Oct 19
Marquei uma consulta com Disappearing Inc em Boston como última esperança pra retirar uma parte da minha sobrancelha permanente que fiz no Brasil. Eu já havia tentado o procedimento com saline, mas não resolvel, além de ser caro. Durante a consulta eles foram super honestos enfatizando que não se trata de uma ciência exata, e que portanto eles não teriam como garantir que iria funcionar pois estamos tratando com um procedimento no qual foi utilizado um produto desconhecido pra eles. Eles estão acostumados a retirar tatuagem, mas não sobrancelha permanente.Resultado: com apenas um procedimento de 1 minuto já se fez evidente o resultado, e provavelmente eu só terei que repetir uma única vez. Além de não doer nada, e ser menos da metade do preço que paguei pra fazer o saline! Ele usa uma técnica de frizar o local com ar gelado, dessa forma não tem que passar nenhum anestésico. Totalmente eu recomendo!read more
Rachael Wilson
Rachael W.
00:11 08 Oct 19
Highly recommend! Started coming here a year ago wanting to get my tattoo removed before my wedding, after 6/7 treatments it was significantly gone, and after 9 you couldn't see anything! Rob and his staff are very nice and accommodating- if you have any unwanted tattoos i recommend coming here!read more
Caroline Mancusi
Caroline M.
21:47 01 Oct 19
I would highly recommend this place to anyone looking for tattoo removal! Rob is incredibly knowledgeable and helpful. I always felt in good hands. They also make the payment options very affordable. If you’re thinking of getting a removal and you’re in the Boston area this is a must!read more
Pete V.
Pete V.
21:51 18 Sep 19
Rob and staff are all great! Really knowledgeable and easy going throughout the process
Jessie G.
Jessie G.
14:40 14 Sep 19
Kelsea was amazing , she was very informative and professional. She took her time to explain the whole process and made me feel comfortable. So happy I more
Michel Seoane
Michel S.
00:59 06 Sep 19
They’re doing a great job! Thanks a lot!
G P.
G P.
06:11 23 Aug 19
Blyth was amazing!! She was very informative, I've had laser treatments before but at a different place. They did a good job but weren't nearly more
Madeline H
Madeline H
23:19 20 Aug 19
I had a great experience at Disappearing Inc. Rob was incredibly helpful, honest, and explained everything clearly. I felt very welcome here and could tell Rob knew exactly what he was doing, as opposed to other places I’ve been to in the past. I can’t wait to come back for my next treatments. Would highly recommend this shop if you're debating where to go!read more
Jessica A.
Jessica A.
14:35 06 Aug 19
This place is AMAZING! The customer service is top notch, right down to the service the provide. My tech explained everything to me step-by-step and I more
Matthew Evans
Matthew E.
17:20 13 Jul 19
Always a great experience. Norella, Devon, and Rob are super friendly and extremely serious about their work.
Chloe E.
Chloe E.
21:47 03 Jul 19
Rob was absolutely amazing. I was most impressed that during my consultation I wasn't pressured into anything. I was thoroughly educated and then given more
Pierce Liefeld
Pierce L.
18:52 03 Jul 19
My wife worked with Rob at Disappearing Inc to remove a conspicuous tattoo on her lower bicep. Evening appointments were always easy to schedule. Rob is super kind and the removal process was incredibly effective and not as painful as expected.Their methodology works: it took about a year for the tattoo to be completely gone, but the individual appointments are quick and efficient. The guarantee package is worth the price and peace of mind (as opposed to paying per session).read more
Isabella Pierangelo
Isabella P.
19:48 02 Jul 19
Rob and his team are incredible. He was honest about the whole process and pricing. Worth every penny—best money I have spent as an adult. Removal took less time than estimated (exactly one year) and I couldn't be happier with the results. Why would you go anywhere else?read more
Julia M.
Julia M.
09:57 01 Jul 19
This place is amazing. I went in today for a consult with the option to remove today. Eve was kind, gentle, nurturing, motherly and completely put me more
Nicole Louise
Nicole L.
15:25 29 Jun 19
I couldn’t be happier with the results I have gotten from Disappearing Inc. They are highly knowledgeable and will walk you through every step of the process. Today was most likely my last visit, and my tattoo is almost gone! The progress is actually AMAZING. Trust the experts, this is THE place to go!!read more
jessica stubbs
jessica S.
17:22 17 Jun 19
Rob is amazingly talented. He has taken his time with my tattoo and made sure I don’t scar when I get too much sun. Would recommend to anyone who wants to get rid of a bad mistake! Place is so clean and staff is dope and friendly 10/10read more
Julia DesRochers
Julia D.
00:32 07 Jun 19
Everyone I met was super knowledgeable, professional, and friendly. And I was very pleased with the outcome. Would absolutely recommend! I went to the Framingham more
Katie B
Katie B
15:56 06 Jun 19
Rob was absolutely amazing to work with - and I didn't even decide to go through with removal. He spent over half an hour (I can talk a lot - it was probably more) with me addressing all of my concerns and walking me through the process. After explaining to him my thoughts on the tattoo and why I was looking to have it removed, he encouraged me to take some time and think about it. I am so thankful for this (as I do ultimately want to keep it) and was so impressed with his professionalism. It was clear he was more focused on me as the client than he was anything money or business related. He's also just a really nice guy! I'll be back in the future if I change my mind, and I'm sending any friends his way. Thank you, Rob!read more
Mary Ann Scroggins
Mary Ann S.
11:13 31 May 19
KIND, HELPFUL, EDUCATED STAFF - AWESOME SERVICE - AS PAIN-FREE AS CAN BE. 😄I have completed one laser session here so far, so I can’t fully speak to how my tattoo is progressing yet (it takes time no matter where you go, but I have noticed fading). However, I can speak to my overall experience. I wish I could give this review 5 more stars. I was extremely nervous for my appointment after reading how “excruciating” the pain is all over the internet. I told the team how anxious I was, and they went out of their way to comfort me (I even held a squishy tiger toy in my hand during removal, ha!).In all honesty, the removal hurt much less than getting the tattoo did and I wouldn’t consider going anywhere else. The owners genuinely care and are awesome kind more
Jade Harrelson
Jade H.
00:30 31 May 19
It's been really great to work with Disappearing inc. for my first ever tattoo removal. It's easy to book an appointment online, they're SUPER on top of scheduling and sending reminders, and the treatments are highly customized to your tattoo, your skin color and condition, the progress of removal, etc. It's safe, clean, super friendly, and full of awesome vintage art and knick knacks. More than anything, it's clear that what they care about is your success and happiness, not their fee... they even turned me away from a session one time because I was temporarily taking an antibiotic, and there was a very slight chance of skin irritation. I was charged nothing. Aside from some gross, facebook-worthy blisters, my healing process has been very smooth. One of my tattoos was completely removed in two sessions (granted, it was a terrible piece), and I'm seeing amazing progress after 5 sessions on a really dark, thick, old black and blue tattoo. Once it's healed from my session yesterday, it will probably be light enough for me to get a coverup piece. I'm really glad that I've started the process of turning this old, stupid tattoo on my back into something that I can really be proud of. Thank you, Rob and Eve and everyone on Tremont St!read more
Sijia Zou
Sijia Z.
19:13 28 May 19
十分推荐!一个月前我在这家做了我的第三次洗纹身,我之前在国内做过两次皮秒洗纹身。优点:1 价格超值!200+美元,使用的是调Q。他们的网页上也解释了为什么他们不用皮秒,因为相对于几倍的价格,皮秒的效果并没有对应快几倍,我体验后觉得确实如此。2 洗纹身过程很快,激光的同时用温度很低的冷风机器来止痛,洗后水泡非常少,愈合时间短。我前两次在国内洗纹身后,基本有图案的部分全部起水泡。所以这家的后期恢复体验感好到让我惊讶。3 能看得到效果!下次还会去:)read more
Jennica Blair
Jennica B.
11:14 11 May 19
I cannot say enough about how great of an experience this was (and that's normally not the case for a laser removal session). I have done 5 other sessions at other places and Disappearing Inc. was by far the best. Almost completely pain-free (super mild with the freezing cold air vs just an icepack from the Finery), super thorough evaluation and literally the cheapest place I've ever been in FL, NY, CO and MA! Eve was super sweet and made me feel super comfortable. She really cares about the people that come in there! Thank you!!!read more
Jennica Blair
Jennica B.
11:13 11 May 19
I cannot say enough about how great of an experience this was (and that's normally not the case for a laser removal session). I have done 5 other sessions at other places and Disappearing Inc. was by far the best. Almost completely pain-free (super mild with the freezing cold air vs just an icepack from the Finery), super thorough evaluation and literally the cheapest place I've ever been in FL, NY, CO and MA! Eve was super sweet and made me feel super comfortable. She really cares about the people that come in there! Thank you!!!read more
Rosalee Hacker
Rosalee H.
17:46 07 May 19
Incredible service. Only a few sessions and my old tattoo is in the perfect shade for a coverup!
John Lynch
John L.
19:48 04 May 19
10/10 recommend. Friendly staff and very professional. If you want your tattoo gone this is the place.
Bridget M.
Bridget M.
16:55 30 Apr 19
Although this place doesn't need another 5 star review, I feel compelled to say a few words to express my gratitude. Eve (the owner's wife) is a more
Danny Giumentaro
Danny G.
06:29 28 Apr 19
I've been going to the Framingham location. The staff is incredible. Eve, Ellie and friends are very knowledgeable and personable. They love what they do and it shows in their work!!!read more
Gabrielle McCann
Gabrielle M.
02:25 23 Apr 19
I got my first tattoo in Dec of 2017. A week after the tattoo I noticed that the ink seemed to have spread and my "heart" tattoo was now a misshapen triangle. Having had no previous experience w tattoos I thought that it would resolve itself and that this was all part of the healing process. Unfortunately, the tattoo remained a weird blob and almost a year later I wanted to get rid of it. I extensively researched where I could get a tattoo removal, discovering that Derms charge an arm and a leg and most laser centers are pretty pricey as well. I came across Disappearing Ink on Yelp, read all the fantastic reviews and decided to give it a shot. (The price is also much more affordable!) I scheduled a consultation w/ Rob and told him all about my horrible experience both in the tattooing of my "heart" and watching it turn into a blob. Rob explained to me exactly what happened to my tattoo, why it turned into a blob, and what we could do to fix it. He is EXTREMELY knowledgeable about tattooing and the removal process. I personally was a bit skeptical and really wanted to go to a doctor for fear of having another bad experience but I am so glad I went to Rob instead. For those who are leaning towards going to a Derm I would argue that while they do know a lot about the skin, dermatologists (for the most part) do not understand a lot about tattooing which is obviously a huge component in the removal process/technique. Rob answered all my questions and made me feel very comfortable about the procedure. He did not make any outlandish promises and was very honest with me about how the treatment would go and gave me realistic expectations. I appreciated his honesty and candor very much. You truly (in my opinion) will not find a better place or more knowledgeable staff than disappearing ink. In addition to all of this Rob happened to know the owner of the tattoo parlor I had received my blob at. Rob offered to show the pics of my tattoo to the owner because he believed it was important that the owner see it. He honestly went above and beyond. You can tell he is very dedicated and passionate about his work and cares a lot about his customers. I would highly recommend this place to anyone looking to get a tattoo removed. If you're skeptical or cautious just schedule a consultation! Rob will definitely win you over!read more
Brian Mcardle
Brian M.
21:06 12 Apr 19
Very professional
Jen Beirola
Jen B.
22:22 11 Apr 19
It only took one session to lighten my tattoo enough to pull off a cover up that I am super happy with. The result is definitely worth the temporary discomfort. Best decision ever!read more
ISawYourVideo BostonMA
ISawYourVideo B.
00:53 06 Apr 19
Best Laser Tatto Compnay in the north shore of Boston. Best experience and I was coming from wakefield. Happy to drive here. I would recommend these guys to my family and have, I set up an appointment with my wife to get her tattoo removed on her toe 6 months ago(she did it in high school) 4 visits and On he 5th it looks like it was never there. Amazing. Very happy. HappyTo more
Steve Oheidhin
Steve O.
23:24 02 Apr 19
5 stars, Norela did great and was patient with me as well as was fast and efficient.
Michael D.
Michael D.
04:36 14 Mar 19
The staff is wonderful. They are very affordable, accommodating, knowledgeable and transparent. They make the process quick and as painless as more
rahel tafesse
rahel T.
02:20 06 Mar 19
I wish I can give you more than 5 stars....This is the best place to remove tattoos with a good customer service.... thank you so much for good hospitality and quality services!read more
Jesse Fried
Jesse F.
16:40 26 Feb 19
Wow, Rob did an amazing job. Such a fantastic team I highly recommend a consultation. Worth every penny!
Megan S.
Megan S.
15:43 13 Feb 19
I have had nothing but great experiences here. The photo attached is after only two sessions with Rob. I had gone to a different place for my first more
Dave DiCiccio
Dave D.
01:18 07 Feb 19
Rob and the team are a pleasure to deal with and always keep you well informed throughout the process. They have flexible appointment times and convenient more
Ashley M.
Ashley M.
15:07 04 Feb 19
I highly recommend this place and especially Norela!! I have been to two other tattoo removal locations for a year and a half and Norela has been the more
Marguerite Swick
Marguerite S.
04:03 01 Feb 19
Was nervous walking in making such a big decision to remove my tattoo. Immediately everyone was welcoming and so cool! The place is clean and awesome. I met with Norela who made me feel right at home and explained everything in a way i could understand. The consultation did not feel rushed and i didn't feel pressured into making any decisions but knew i would go ahead no matter the cost. My first experience was awesome! It kind of hurt which is normal but she made sure i was comfortable the whole time updating me on how much time was left and it was so quick. After i took some ibuprofen and went about my day. A lot of info about after care was also talked about and you get a nice goodie bag! Cant wait to come back for my second session! Thanks more
Kate M.
Kate M.
11:18 18 Jan 19
I was hesitant to try tattoo removal for quite sometime due to what I've heard about pain/results/etc but I finally bit the bullet. I was quite more
Laura C.
Laura C.
05:32 09 Jan 19
I am giving a review of Disappearing Inc in Lawrence Ma. I had a laser to remove a tattoo and to remove permanent makeup on my eyebrows. Devon at more
Brian Triger
Brian T.
15:18 01 Jan 19
The entire experience has been pleasant. Norela thoroughly explained the process after listening to hesitations that I had prior to making the decision to remove a tattoo. I would recommend Disappearing Inc. to anyone in need of tattoo more
Nicholas A.
Nicholas A.
11:06 17 Dec 18
Incredible service where client comfort is the main priority! I just had my first laser removal session on my forehead/hairline tattoo and Eve was more
Hannah Joyce
Hannah J.
19:54 14 Nov 18
Rob is unbelievable! I have SIX tattoos I am getting removed. Many of them are large. I cannot believe the drastic changes between each appointment. Rob and the whole staff at Disappearing Inc. are the ultimate professionals when it comes to this. More importantly, I have extremely bad anxiety and work myself up about the pain and Rob and the staff are so accommodating and make me feel better. Rob encourages me throughout the entire treatment often times happily taking many breaks when I need them. I instantly feel better having Rob to talk me through each of the six tattoos. He always talks me through each one or distracts me and makes it a very easy process. I can honestly say I would not be able to do this anywhere else or with anyone else!read more
Michael J Burns
Michael J B.
16:50 14 Nov 18
Stopped in to the Boston office a few weeks ago for a consultation and I was immediately impressed. The staff was very welcoming and professional. Rob explained in detail and made me feel at ease with the whole process. I just completed my first session with Ellie and she was awesome! She made sure I was comfortable throughout the process which is very quick. Rob also recommended a great artist to do the cover up once my tattoo is lightened enough. I also love that they called a few days later to make sure all was well. I really feel that the whole team cares about you and your total experience here. I highly recommend Disappearing Inc Boston to anyone that is considering tattoo removal. So glad I decided to stop in!MIke Burnsread more
Kelly M.
Kelly M.
16:58 13 Nov 18
I just started my process of removing an old tattoo and I am so excited about it! This place is super cute, very clean and everyone that works there is more
01:15 10 Nov 18
Devon and Norela our awesome and the results are even better. After two treatments my tattoo his practically vanished I highly recommend disappearing ink in Lawrence to anyone looking for professional tattoo removal. The team is very helpful and friendly, they understood my needs and helped me achieve my desired result! Thank you again disappearing ink!read more
Matt Perin
Matt P.
16:56 03 Nov 18
I would like to give a big thanks to Norela at disappearing inc. Merrimack. Norela is an amazing laser tattoo removal technician she makes every visit enjoyable and I always leave with great results. I would also like to give a big thanks to Devon who works the front desk and does all my appointment scheduling. Every time I see Devon she always looks amazing and is very professional. Disappearing inc. Merrimack is a great place to go for tattoo removal and I always look forward to to all my more
Anna Atopalid
Anna A.
00:45 16 Oct 18
What a great experience! Rob is wonderful! He walked me through the entire process thoroughly and I felt I could trust him right away. I am so pleased with the result and thankful a good person like him was the one that took care of me! God bless!read more
D Elijah Lespier
D Elijah L.
17:56 26 Sep 18
This place is great. Really satisfied with the whole appointment. Quick, painless, courteous staff. Excellent location. Goodbye terrible more
D.Elijah Lespier
D.Elijah L.
17:40 26 Sep 18
Excellent atmosphere, very professional people who ensure clients are given details while providing top notch comfort. The procedure was more or less equivalent to getting the tattoo, only much-much faster. 5 out of 5!read more
Jessica Catalano
Jessica C.
21:42 25 Sep 18
These guys are legit - I had gone to another place a few times and when they went out of business, found disappearing inc. After 4 sessions, my tattoo is completely gone. They don’t try to scam you into unnecessary procesures nor do they prolong your treatment to take more of your money. Highly recommend!read more
Alexia Charoupa
Alexia C.
14:50 24 Sep 18
Πραγματοποίησα την πρώτη συνεδρία αφαίρεσης τατουάζ με τον Rob στο στούντιο της Βοστώνης Και από την πρώτη στιγμή ένιωσα πολύ άνετα αφού ο rob μου εξήγησε αναλυτικότατα τη διαδικασία και απάντησε σε κάθε ερώτηση που είχα. Η διαδικασία είναι ιδιαίτερα προσωποποιημένη και ο Rob φροντίζει να κάνει το καλύτερο δυνατό εξατομικευμένα για τον κάθε πελάτη του. Όπως ο ίδιος μου είπε “προσπαθούμε να παρέχουμε το customer service του Four Seasons” σε ένα άλλο context και είχε πραγματικά δίκιο. Τέλος, το μηχάνημα που χρησιμοποιείται είναι το πιο εξελιγμένο με αποτέλεσμα ο πόνος να είναι σχεδόν μηδαμινός. Εξαιρετική δουλειά. Σας ευχαριστώ πολύ.read more
Xtina Pahkah
Xtina P.
23:03 21 Sep 18
Rob is freaking awesome! From my first session, he was welcoming and friendly. What I thought was just gonna be a consultation ended up being my first session too. He's quick and keeps up a good conversation while he's lasering, so you're barely even focused on the pain (which was minimal for me). This is the ONLY place I'd go or recommend for removal. Today was my third and LAST session. That's how good they are 😉 thanks to Rob and staff. Don't think about it, just go here. You won't regret it (unlike those tattoos you're going to get removed lol.)read more
Joelle Missildine
Joelle M.
01:25 22 Aug 18
Just started treatment with Blyth in Easthampton and I am super excited to work with her. I know she’s going to do a great job! Thank you so much!read more
Amy Sheehan
Amy S.
12:43 25 Jul 18
Had my 4th session with Norela at the Braintree office and all I can say is Wow, just about gone disappearing right before my eyes. I'm so excited Norela is the best fast,efficient and the price is right. This is the place to go if you want a tattoo removed incredible couldn't be more
Jimmy Johnson
Jimmy J.
17:10 23 Jul 18
My experience was great, everyone was welcoming and All my questions and concerns were answered. I look forward to working with them again. Also great decorread more
J Bird
J B.
19:01 30 Jun 18
My name is Joe Carnabuci.My experiences here have been great beyond my expectations. My tattoo removal was done by Norela, who is amazing at what she does. Extremely professional and comforting. She makes sure you know exactly what to expect at the appointment and after. Norela is especially comforting and makes the experience ideal for anyone. The staff is just the same, all friendly and professional. Nothing but good things to say about Dissapearing Ink. I'm so happy with the outcome of my tattoos, and they truely do dissapear. Lastly, a special thanks to Norela who is a genuine great person to be treated by. Highly recommend this place over any more
Gabriela Rolon
Gabriela R.
13:12 30 Jun 18
Today is my fourth appointment at the Braintree location and I am honestly beyond impressed and ecstatic with my results so far! Norela is awesome! From the beginning she was very kind and informative about the entire process. I decided to go with the guarantee price and I am so glad I did. My skin has not scarred at all! I feel so reassured and I am grateful for her professionalism and the time she is taking to make sure I get the results I want. Thank you so much, Norela!read more
Melanie Dempster
Melanie D.
15:59 27 Jun 18
GO HERE!!!I cannot give enough praise to Rob and everyone working at disappearing ink. I was nervous for my first visit, but Rob was so genuine and easy going, he instantly calmed my nerves. Rob walked me through every step, and thoroughly explained the process and what I should expect during my visits. The customer service was exceptional - multiple appointment reminders, and if ever I missed an appointment (which is hard to do), they were understanding and would help reschedule ASAP. I was always greeted with kindness, warmth and sincerity. My experience was comfortable, easy, and judgment-free. Thank you, Disappearing Ink!!read more
Matt Thomas
Matt T.
22:25 23 Jun 18
I had my first lazer removal session today at the Easthampton MA shop with Blyth Campbell. She was great, explained how the whole process goes very well and the shop was nice and more
Katrina McCarty
Katrina M.
22:37 13 Jun 18
Visited on recommendation from a local tattoo artist. The initial consult and two treatments were professional and easy. Rob was honest and kind about what to expect and very accommodating of my anxiety. I lightened a tattoo for a larger coverup piece and am happy with the process and results. Easy to book. The staff have humor and are very knowledgeable. The procedure was pretty quick based on size of ink and it hurt but not worse than the ink itself. Would definitely recommend to anyone seeking lightening or more
Wendy Sentner
Wendy S.
17:35 13 Jun 18
Went to the Merrimack Valley shop and Eve was so amazing! She listened to why I wanted my tattoo removed and was so understanding and kind. She explained the whole process with me and made sure I completely understood. The procedure took less than a minute and didn't hurt at all! She is a total professional, but treated me like a friend. Thank you Eve!read more
08:34 13 Jun 18
Had my first session of removing my tattoo with Norela at Disappearing Inc. In Braintree, I was so nervous but she was the best and put me right at ease. Norela and staff are very friendly and professional. She made it that it wasn't very painful with a cold wand, and the results after 1 time great. She's checked in on me to make sure everything is going right and see how I'm doing. I'll be seeing Norela in a few weeks for session 2 wait. Good prices too. Amy Sread more
Mia N.
Mia N.
12:20 29 May 18
Today I went for a consultation to get a tattoo on my forearm removed. Eve was so comforting and very attentive I ended up getting a session done. They more
Madi Mills
Madi M.
01:28 25 May 18
Just had my first session today! Pain is no where near as bad as I read it would be online.. the spot has cool air sprayed onto it as it’s being lasered and the laser is sooo quick! Blyth did my session + consultation and made everything perfect, have a second session booked and I definitely recommend coming here � can’t wait to see the finished resultsread more
Merry Boswell Smith
Merry Boswell S.
01:41 16 May 18
Eve and Norela are amazing! The whole process has been easy and professional. Norela is very thorough, knowledgeable, and more
Alanna Connell
Alanna C.
16:09 04 May 18
Disappearing Inc. is so welcoming. The girls at the Braintree location make my day with their happy faces and good vibes. I have been to a few different tattoo removal places in other countries on travels and this one is by far the best. They use freezing air to numb the area prior to the laser and wrap your tattoo up really well so you leave with ice packs over the area. Highly recommend to anyone who wants a pleasant experience while taking care of an ink mistake! Thanks girls!read more
Dan Gle
Dan G.
00:27 18 Apr 18
Eve was awesome throughout the whole process. It took 5 sessions, but it was worth it. She was able to get it light enough to put my new tattoo over it. She even gave me some ideas and considerations for my new more
Katrina M
Katrina M
01:41 14 Apr 18
Professional, friendly and a pleasure to work with. Clearly stated process, risks and costs from consult to procedure. Highly recommend. I got a referral to Rob from a tattoo artist and his knowledge was clear from the start. Understanding ink and tattoo as well as laser is amazing. No judgement and total honesty. The procedure was uncomfortable but not unbearable and he was patient as I waited out a dizzy spell from more
Jessica Goode
Jessica G.
11:30 11 Apr 18
This place is amazing. I was honestly shocked how much it didn’t hurt! The owners are wonderful, everything was clean and professional, and I am beyond ecstatic I can finally get these awful tattoos off of me!!!read more
Julie Kim
Julie K.
18:25 04 Apr 18
유학생분들도 많으실 것 같아서 한글로 몇 자 적고 가요. 문신이란게 참.. 할때는 별 생각 없을지도 모르겠지만 막상 하고 나서 후회되면 그건 정말 노답이죠ㅋㅋㅋ 몇년을 고민하다가 이쪽으로 오게 됐는데 주인도 너무 착하시고 가격이 대박입니다. 믿으시고 한 번 가보세요. 가끔 가다 유학생들한텐 좀 불친절하거나 사기치는 경우가 있는데 여기만큼 좋은데 없을거라 믿어요. 제가 미국 전곳을 돌아다니면서 상담 받아봤는데 서비스나 가격은 여기가 최고입니다. 주인 아저씨도 너무 귀요미ㅋㅋ 유학생들도 많이 봐주길 원한다고 한글로 리뷰 부탁하셔서 회사 다시 들어오자마자 끄적이네요. 정말 착하시고 스킬이 남다르십니다. 아픈거야 몇초밖에 안가서 참으면 되고 (솔직히 아프지도 않음...) 가격과 퀄리티에 놀라실거에요. 타투 지우시고 싶으시면 다른데 돌아다니지 마시고 Disappearing inc로 가시길!!I got quite a bit of tattoos when I was younger and as I became a true, mature adult, I wanted to erase some of my mistakes from the past. I have been thinking about tattoo removal for a few years and with hours of research, I ended up at Disappearing inc. Now I had more than enough consultations and went through all kinds of marketing schemes and tactics from different tattoo removal shops, so I was kinda hanging on to my last string here.. Needless to say, the reviews don't do the justice. I am always skeptical about 5-star Yelp locations because of all the businesses that make up their own reviews, but Disappearing inc. deserves 10 stars if they could. Rob is such a pleasure to work with, and he is probably the most informative, honest, and knowledgeable owner I've spoke with. Very straightforward with pricing, very friendly, and the Valerie at the front desk was super helpful and nice too! All around a great experience. I tolerate pain pretty well, but I think this would be a breeze even if you don't. The laser session itself is only 10-15 seconds depending on how big your tattoo is, but it's definitely bearable. Rob is so comforting about the whole experience that it actually makes you feel better about getting your tattoos removed. We all make mistakes, but it doesn't mean they can't be fixed. Whether you just want your tattoo off, need it lightened, or just popping in for a FREE consultation-- go to Disappearing inc. It's not just another "laser removal" place. Truly unique, caring, and honest! Also, the price is just unbeatable. SUCH a great deal compared to the other quotes that I got in the past!!!read more
Lex Rou
Lex R.
15:06 25 Mar 18
I was nervous about having to do this. Eve made sure I was comfortable and I have a great experience every time I go in for my session. I absolutely would recommend this to everyone and more
Courtney Cyr
Courtney C.
21:02 22 Mar 18
They are fabulous! I got a tattooed lasered down to have a cover up done. They walked me through exactly what they were doing and how it all worked. Very professional, an absolute pleasure to work with!read more
Maria DelSignore
Maria D.
12:27 22 Mar 18
The service here is great. Everyone is so good about answering all my questions.
Eric Villagracia
Eric V.
00:55 13 Mar 18
“Very professional, very friendly, they explain the process to the point, I've never felt so comfortable, I'm going to continue coming here for more of my tattoo removals.”read more
Jarred McDonald
Jarred M.
23:24 12 Mar 18
The staff there is awesome. They are really friendly and know how to take care of you. I go to Norela and she knows exactly what she is doing and super more
Joanie Sullivan Gosson
Joanie Sullivan G.
22:55 23 Feb 18
Went in for my consultation and ended up getting my first session with Norela in the Lawrence office amazing experience and can't wait for my next visit in 6 more
Chelsea Danis
Chelsea D.
16:29 09 Feb 18
I’ve been a tattooist for 5 years now and have been looking into laser removal for a small tattoo on my leg. I recently had my first session for laser removal at DisappearingInc in Easthampton. I was impressed by the staff’s knowledge and felt very comfortable the minute we began the consultation. The room was very clean and I could tell my technician had been highly trained. I was nervous about the pain level going into it but soon found out it was really not bad at all! I’ve had tattoos that hurt way more than the laser removal. Overall I was very pleased with my first time going to Disappearing Inc and really am looking forward to more sessions and seeing the progression of my tattoo fade. Would definitely recommend this place!read more
Cristina B
Cristina B
01:34 06 Feb 18
Very well educated and knowledgable team. I have had 3 sessions and have my 4th booked. I am always impressed by how professional everyone is, but also very friendly at the same time. Norela is great and has taken over my treatments since Eve did my first session. Can't say enough great stuff about her. Definitely check them out for a consult, you will not be disappointed. I will update with my removal photos once my treatment is more
Katie Stevenson
Katie S.
18:01 04 Feb 18
I recently had an appointment in the Easthampton location and these guys are awesome. I need to finish up in a tattoo removal that I started at a dermatologist office and had a poor experience at. At disappearing ink I was walked through the process as a whole and what was being done for me. I highly recommended disappearing ink!read more
Evan Quinno
Evan Q.
23:58 19 Jan 18
I recently went in to have a large dark tattoo lightened. The facility is very clean and private. Norela is very friendly, knowledgeable and walked me through the whole process. Made me feel comfortable and made the whole experience easy and pretty painless. Can't wait to see what the progress looks like after next more
Brian D.
Brian D.
12:15 09 Jan 18
Disappearing Inc exceeded all of my expectations! I started to go to the Boston location for Disappearing Inc, but continued most of my treatments more
Krista Meyer
Krista M.
16:27 18 Dec 17
Rob was very personable and enthusiastic about the education of laser removal. He always remembered details about me and made me very comfortable each visit! I would definitely recommend tattoo removal here!read more
Robert Turner
Robert T.
23:28 15 Dec 17
Rob is fantastic. This was my third tattoo removal place I’ve had work done. The first had zero ability to cool my skin and was clearly learning on the fly. The 2nd place I tried was insanely expensive and ineffective. So ineffective the tech told me she thought our session didn’t accomplish much. Then why did they change me? Disappearing inc knows what they’re doing. My biggest regret was trying to save a buck and visiting other places. It’s going to cost me in the long run. Just go here. Of the 3 places I’ve gone to, Rob is the only one I think could ever even remove my tattoo. He knows what he’s doing. The other 2 had no fixed amount. They would charge me to infinity - they had no incentive to get my tattoo off. Tattoo undo - their guarantee would only cover a few treatments and then you start paying again. With Rob, once you pay for the guarantee his motive is aligned with yours. Get the tattoo off the most effective way. It shows in the more
Isaac Lopez
Isaac L.
23:20 15 Dec 17
Started with one Tattoo Removal and ended up Removing 3. Super satisfied with the results and availability ! Norela made it such a pleasant experience. I would highly recommend for anyone looking to lighting up or completely remove a more
Vanessa Castro
Vanessa C.
03:00 10 Dec 17
Fui ontem na minha consulta gratuita em Boston, só pra mostrar e saber mais como funcionava, fui suuuuuper bem atendida ele me explicou tudo certinho e tirou todas as minhas dúvidas.Hoje eu voltei para fazer a minha primeira sessão, adorei! Esperando ansiosamente a segunda sessão �read more
James F.
James F.
07:51 09 Dec 17
I couldn't believe how easy this was. Norela was very good about explaining the process and making sure I was comfortable. This place is great!read more
Brian St. Germain
Brian St. G.
14:06 08 Dec 17
" All of you are smart, talented, and respectful individuals. Thank you for making my experience, every time I come in, a comfortable and excellent one. I highly recommend you to friends all over the cape. Keep up the kick ass work! "read more
Cristina B.
Cristina B.
15:59 02 Dec 17
I live on the Cape, and have been looking for a decent place to remove some tattoos that are about 12 years old. I called last minute, and Norela was more
Yohana V Flores
Yohana V F.
03:37 02 Dec 17
La mejor esperiencia k he tenido me han devuelto la alegria otra ves! despz d una muy mala esperiencia con alguien k me hizo tatuaje en mis cejas y vivi acomplejada mucho tiempo ahora despz d mi segunda seccion puedo decir k esta un 60 porciento eliminadoooo! Recomendado � y super profecionales ��read more
Jennifer Preston Lachapelle
Jennifer Preston L.
21:27 29 Nov 17
This is the third place I have had laser tattoo removal and I wish I went here first. They really know what they are doing here and thoroughly explain the process. I had been given incorrect information at prior places and Norela really took the time to make sure I understood how the removal would work and proper after care. Plus the prices are very good and it's a family owned business. Win win! Get your tattoo removal done here- they're the experts!read more
Mona Øverby
Mona Ø.
16:16 26 Nov 17
Fantastisk service ved bestilling av time, samt ved oppmøte. Utrolig koselig folk. God behandling som fjernet mye av min tatovering :) Anbefales på det sterkeste :)read more
Eric Villagracia
Eric V.
01:35 23 Nov 17
I went in for a consultation today, Rob was very knowledgeable and explained everything step by step. He made me feel very comfortable. Only had one session but I am very happy and optimistic of a great outcome!read more
Tammi Villagracia
Tammi V.
01:28 23 Nov 17
Very cool office and friendly staff! Rob says he's the best and I believe him!
Michael Kent
Michael K.
15:38 22 Nov 17
I needed two small tattoos removed from my hand in order to re-enlist into the US Army. I did the same thing you are no doubt doing now; reading hundreds of online reviews and contacting companies that all say "We're the best in the business". After what seemed like hours of research and a thousand phone calls, I choose Disappearing Inc. From the very first phone call I felt comfortable trusting them with my removal. They scheduled the appointment quickly, at their closest of many locations to my home. They promptly emailed me directions to their office and called to confirm my appointment and receipt of the information. It all seemed very professional and organized. I arrived for my first appointment and met Norela Haviari, the Merrimack Valley Laser Technician and Studio Manager. She was friendly, extremely knowledgeable and obviously in love with her chosen profession. She spent time explaining the process with literature, diagrams and photos of past work. Furthermore, she intently listened to, and answered all of my concerns regarding the removal. It's been a pleasure working with Norela and the staff at Disappearing Inc. I couldn't possibly be happier with my decision to utilize their services and the results we've achieved. They have earned my 5 star review many times over! And, for what it's worth, my highest recommendation! You may regret your tattoo. You will NOT regret using Disappearing Inc. to get rid of it! Sincerely,Michael P. Kentread more
Eduard Rodri
Eduard R.
02:21 22 Nov 17
I got my tattoo erased at this place. I can tell you that they have a great customer service and the results are impressive. Thanks for erasing my neck more
Carol Sussman-Ghatak
Carol S.
18:55 19 Nov 17
They are very professional from initial consult to treatments. I appreciate that! "
Sara Destromp
Sara D.
00:31 15 Nov 17
Lauren makes a pretty unpleasant experience a lot more bareable, she has been great from the beginning and always makes sure I'm comfortable start to end. The consultation was informative and everything was upfront. Lauren took the time to text after appointments to see how the healing was doing & to schedule the next session when I was able to. This was super convenient and personal and it's feel like you aren't just another customer. Lauren will be missed :( but I'm looking forward to the rest of my sessions to finally have my tattoos offread more
Jillian Coyle
Jillian C.
22:57 09 Nov 17
Rob is a class act. He takes the time to thoroughly explain the process and answer any questions. He's very transparent and honest with pricing and timeframes. I chose this location vs a dermatology office due to the consistent positive feedback I came across. After just one session I know I made the right decision. This is a judgement free zone run by knowledgable professionals. If you're fortunate enough to live in the Boston area, this is the place to more
Olivia Fitzgerald
Olivia F.
00:04 08 Nov 17
Just had my 8th removal session today at the Braintree location. Love seeing the progress every time. The staff are all awesome!! They always make sure I’m as comfortable as possible and are super accommodating with appointment times. Highly recommended!read more
Miglody Medina
Miglody M.
16:34 31 Oct 17
despues de tatuarme las ejas ( muy oscuras), fue muy frustante para mi!, pense que nunca iba a poder borrar el tatuaje de mis ejas, desde la primera cita Disappearing in, Rob si todo su equipo me hicieron sentir segura y confiada en ellos no dude ni un minuto y empezamos, excelente y unas de las mejores decisiones de mi vida!, he vuelto a lucir mis ejas naturales y sin tatuaje, gracias!!! les recomiendo este lugar 100%read more
gianna ramirez
gianna R.
17:01 27 Oct 17
So I’ll start off by saying Rob ROCKS!!! I started my journey of tattoo removal at a place called Fresh Start 4 treatments with NO results I thought I hit a dead end and then I found Disappearing Ink.... Rob was very upfront and honest because my tattoo is made of graphite there were no guarantee and recommended that I didn’t spend money on a package but one session to see how it goes unlike the other place that made promise after promise just to get my money First session went GREAT I’m seeing results already and can’t wait for my next appointment!!!! You guys are the BEST!!!~Gina Rread more
Tamara S
Tamara S
16:59 17 Oct 17
Rob truly cares! You don't even have to be a client, he just cares and he gets it. I have somewhat of a horror story relating to my tattoo and its subsequent removal. I got a bad tattoo in 2008 and started the process of removal in 2013 at two different dermatologist offices. After not seeing satisfying results following 13 treatments (skin was left damaged with a lot of hypopigmentation and skin lightening), I was frustrated and stumbled across Disappearing Inc. by chance during the course of online research. Rob literally sat with me for an hour, FOR FREE, explained to me the damage that was already caused and what other few options I had at trying to get my skin back. He suggested that I get a cover-up of the portion of my tattoo that had color, since I wouldn't be able to get that out given my skin tone (V) without further hypo. Rob was truly caring, patient and considerate and did not pressure or rush me out of his office. Five stars for his bedside manner alone. I returned two weeks later so that he could perform my final treatment. His knowledge, customer service and people skills are just stellar and beyond what I expected. Shout out to Tasha as well, his front desk receptionist, she is truly pleasant, sweet and just as kind and patient. Overall, such a pleasant experience! I would recommend to anyone looking into tattoo removal. And I traveled from New York!read more
Meri Tums
Meri T.
13:32 03 Oct 17
Everyone is so polite and professional! They have been so helpful! I'd recommend them to anyone!
Jaqueline Martins
Jaqueline M.
21:16 13 Sep 17
Great place! They are fast but they really care to explain and work with you. Great people in a great place and the results are more
Jacqueline Pedroza Paniagua
Jacqueline Pedroza P.
20:07 11 Sep 17
totally happy with the result !!! Eve is amazing she was extremely knowledgeable and made me feel right at home I would recommend them 10/10 �read more
Peretz Goldstein
Peretz G.
14:42 06 Sep 17
Staff are both professional and friendly. My tattoos have significantly faded after only the third treatment! Thank you Rob!
Cathleen R.
Cathleen R.
07:27 03 Sep 17
Eve was INCREDIBLE. I went to her very uncertain about what I wanted to do with my tattoo, and she sat with me for quite some time going over everything more
ReNee Chisholm
ReNee C.
11:32 01 Sep 17
Very knowledgable and very quick. It felt like being snapped with an elasic! 2 sessions in and I already see results!
Susan Olef
Susan O.
17:35 27 Aug 17
Very professional and knowledgeable and they make you feel comfortable from the minute you walk in the door!!! Great staff!!!!”read more
Darcy Lynn
Darcy L.
01:33 26 Aug 17
I have been going to a different location to get my tattoo removed and wasn't happy with the results after 5 consecutive sessions I'd had. I went online and found Disappearing Inc. The reviews were great and I decided to try them out. I'm so glad I did! The lobby itself is very welcoming and clean. The staff are very gracious and welcoming as well. I had my consultation with Norela and she was just fantastic. She took the time to go over the whole procedure and what was going to happen. She was very open and honest and thoroughly detailed. She answered every question I had as well as made me feel at ease and comfortable. The removal itself was painful, but not more painful than getting the tattoo itself. That's just in my experience, everyone is different. They also use this cooling tool that blows really cold air on the tattoo and numbs it before the laser touched the skin. The prices were very reasonable and Norela went through all of my payment options with me in great detail so I could weigh out my options. Overall, it was a wonderful experience. I can actually see the tattoo fading after just one session more than the five sessions I had at the previous place I went to. I have already made an appointment for a second treatment and I can't wait!! Highly recommended!read more
Bonnie Parks
Bonnie P.
23:09 14 Aug 17
10 sessions, and my tattoos were COMPLETELY gone. Very clean. Very kind. Good pricing! I would never go anywhere else!
Neil England
Neil E.
13:08 11 Aug 17
Hello! My name is Neil England, I'm a tattoo artist at Empire Tattoo in Boston MA. I just wanted to leave a review about Disapearing Ink and my experience with them. The staff is great, you are greater with a friendly face and attitude as soon as you enter. Rob is very knowledgeable and thorough in explaining the procedure. The environment is professional, clean. I would definitely recommend anyone who is looking for their tattoo to be removed or lightened to contact this company and give them a try!read more
Fernando Stacks
Fernando S.
12:28 04 Aug 17
Have a nightmare tribal outlining in the process of removing and so far Its clearing up nicely ! shout out to Lauren ! She's the real more
Julia DesRochers
Julia D.
14:40 03 Aug 17
i was referred to disappearing inc by my tattoo artist to have a tattoo lightened for a cover up. i had 3 appointments at the framingham office and i could not be happier! everyone was so nice and professional and the environment is clean and welcoming. the experience is comfortable and they are very thorough at explaining how everything more
Karen Friedland
Karen F.
22:27 22 Jul 17
“The whole staff is very personable, and makes you feel valued and comfortable--this is so important! Keep up the good work!”
Gailyc Sonia Braunstein
Gailyc Sonia B.
17:42 15 Jul 17
The staff was professional and took the time to answer all my questions and address my concerns. The offices were clean and bright. At each appointment, I was able to see just how much ink was going away, so I always felt like I was making progress towards the ultimate goal of getting rid of the ink. After dealing with a dermatologist who charged exorbitant fees and didn't actually reduce the ink that much (plus needing numbing shots to endure the pain of the treatments), I was so happy to find Disappearing Inc. Eve and Norela are fantastic. Thank you! I would recommend Disappearing Inc. to anyone who wants to get rid of their more
Erin Ryan
Erin R.
18:16 09 Jul 17
I went to Disappearing Inc. after a bad experience with another company and I couldn't be happier. I don't have enough good things to say about Eve and the rest of the staff in Framingham. I was so impressed with how knowledgeable and helpful they were. I just had my first appointment with Eve yesterday. I felt completely at ease, and the process was virtually painless. A huge improvement from the last place I visited. I am ecstatic with my experience here and can't wait to start seeing the results!read more
Alyshia Gangemi - McDermott
Alyshia Gangemi - M.
14:54 27 Jun 17
The staff are very professional yet down to earth. I would highly recommend them.
Alex Cousin
Alex C.
03:15 21 Jun 17
Everyone makes sure I'm comfortable and makes the process a lot easier. I look forward to my next appointment!
Erin Kathleen Blodgett
Erin Kathleen B.
23:48 17 Jun 17
I had my first appointment today & was completely blown away. Eve is AMAZING!She was extremely knowledgeable and made me feel right at home.You could definitely tell that she loves what she does which is wonderful.She thoroughly explained the process to my hubby and I and made sure we were completely comfortable. Throughout the session, she would set my mind at ease describing what she was doing and checking on me. 5 stars simply isn't girls rock! Thank you for helping me on the road to feeling more comfortable in my own skin!read more
Rachel Newton
Rachel N.
03:02 13 Jun 17
Had my first removal session today and it went great! Lauren was so awesome! I love that she took the time on the phone and through txt to explain everything. She answered all my questions, made me feel comfortable and not nervous at all. I was very happy with my experience and will definitely recommend to more
Pinoyboi Joseph
Pinoyboi J.
16:48 06 Jun 17
Rob was very knowledgable and experienced in helping me remove my tattoo. I would highly recommend disappearing inc. to all my more
Carrie Murphy
Carrie M.
17:42 30 May 17
I Love Eve!!!! and Everyone there, such amazing service, and I'm loving my results so far!
Zach Nicolay
Zach N.
02:59 02 May 17
Disappearing Inc offers the most professional and friendly tattoo removal service that I've ever experienced. Their office is easy to get to and the staff are extremely friendly. The results are fantastic, as well. Rob has a sound grasp of how to best fade or remove your tattoo with the fewest possible treatments. Check them out!read more
David Johndrow
David J.
15:03 27 Apr 17
" Very friendly and professional it has been a great experience so far "
Mike Cannistraro
Mike C.
18:21 28 Mar 17
" Excellent service, friendly receptionist, and the whole process was thoroughly explained. In true Bostonian fashion, the experience was Wicked Pissah!! "read more
Shaun Leonard
Shaun L.
22:52 10 Mar 17
They treat you like a human not a client.
Kara Middleton
Kara M.
15:30 07 Mar 17
Love the vintage retro feel of their office. Receptionists are always kind & cordial. Laser techs are very knowledgeable & personable. I have already shared my fantastic experiences with friends & more
Teg'nSarah Griffiths
Teg'nSarah G.
14:21 24 Feb 17
It has taken a while, but my tattoo has finally been removed. I cannot praise these guys enough, professional, friendly and knowledgeable.I almost feel like getting another tattoo so that they can remove it again :)read more
Maura Rose
Maura R.
00:49 23 Feb 17
The most professional and knowledgeable staff I have ever had an experience with. They exceeded my expectations ten fold. Eve was great and extremely thorough and immediately eased my nerves. I can not wait until my next session!read more
Alyssa Corazzini
Alyssa C.
00:29 05 Feb 17
I visited Disappearing Inc today after having a rather disappointing consultation experience at their major competitor. I am so incredibly happy I called and was able to get in for a same day consult. The receptionist was lovely, the atmosphere was warm and inviting, and Rob was hands down phenomenal. He spent a good 30 minutes with me going over everything I needed to know, shared lots of good stories, and was so incredibly knowledgable and friendly. There was zero pressure and the prices were exceptional. I was so impressed with my consult that we lasered both of my portait tattoos at the same time that day. Rob really took his time and was extremly realistic about what to expect for my particular tattoos. I cannot express just how happy I am that Ive begun the process with this amazing company and Im positive I wont be disappointed. We saw a very noticeable difference directly after and its only going to get better as time goes on. I am truly amazed that people would go anywhere else to get tattoo removal. This is hands down the ONLY place to more
Isabella Caso
Isabella C.
14:13 31 Jan 17
Everything has been great. Rob is really attentive and makes sure you feel comfortable with the entire process.
brandon morgan
brandon M.
00:19 25 Jan 17
Had my first session about a week ago. This place is very clean and professional. Staff is wicked friendly and knowledgeable. This is the only place I will be going to have any tattoos removed. Highly recommend this place to anyone interested in having ANY tattoo removed !read more
Jenn Keizer Roth
Jenn Keizer R.
12:41 11 Jan 17
Kind, attentive and super knowledgeable. Confident and experienced. Multiple locations, convenient hours and affordably priced more
Antone Silvia
Antone S.
21:32 20 Dec 16
Giving these people the up most respect very comfortable and will explain everything right down to the key thank you for your work today very professionalread more
Moses Wolfenstein
Moses W.
12:01 17 Dec 16
Very very knowledgeable, they love tattoos which makes them different than a 'doctor' that knows how to use a laser. They understand tattoos. Last, but most importantly, they're great people. My shoulder tattoo is almost gone. I'd recommend them without more
Cindy Hall
Cindy H.
22:06 30 Nov 16
Eve is the best! Very knowledgeable and seeks the lastest upgrades!!! I highly recommend this practice!!! ❤️❤️❤️read more
Christine Mahoney
Christine M.
15:45 28 Nov 16
Awesome service, awesome people, awesome result so far!
Taylor Glover
Taylor G.
21:15 05 Nov 16
This place is amazing! Every time I go, I feel so welcomed and Eve is literally THE best! Thank you guys!
Gio Luca
Gio L.
15:03 04 Nov 16
Very comfortable and professional environment, Kristin is awesome! My tattoo is lightening and healing nicely.
Jennifer Bonnet
Jennifer B.
20:56 01 Nov 16
I am having a tattoo removed from my left breast. I have had 4 appointments and have been nothing but satisfied! Everyone is professional and nice. Also very knowledgeable of what is being done so everything is always explained in great more
Seth Dobie
Seth D.
17:52 28 Oct 16
Very happy with the Framingham office/staff, and Eve is a great personality and professional. A few hours to wipe away a 25 year old regret is totally worth more
Zach McDowell
Zach M.
16:57 27 Oct 16
Fantastic and professional experience with Kristen in Easthampton. Walked me through every step, and made very short (and easy) work of removing a very old more
Jeff Gemma
Jeff G.
23:57 26 Oct 16
Amazingly informative staff and some of the nicest folks around! Very happy with my results so far(tribal armband BLAST) I'll post results of process soon! Thanks again!!��read more
Catherine McGowan
Catherine M.
20:35 23 Oct 16
I recommend anyone who needs a tattoo lightened or removed to come here! Absolutely professional clean and as fun as tattoo removal can get��� Thanks Eve!!!read more
Tommy Nonpc
Tommy N.
00:23 20 Oct 16
I agree with the other posts, in regards to Disappearing Inc. (Framingham location) being SUPER in service! I began my removal a few years ago at a different place. I tried to reduce my commute time (driving 1-1/2 hours to the other place) and after seeing their advertisement on the back of a bus, I figured that I will investigate.EVE WAS GREAT! Explained EVERYTHING! Very professional, clean office, eclectic look (awesome), and overall GREAT service! Eve really knows her stuff.At the other place, it felt like getting snapped by rubber bands (fully extended) for the 1-2 minute process. I can tolerate pain but I was sore after receiving treatments from the other place. DISAPPEARING Inc. was practically PAINLESS. I can go on and on about how great my overall experience was.I will and do HIGHLY RECOMMEND Disappearing, Inc. (Framingham location).Thanks Eve!read more
Amy Cinar
Amy C.
15:19 18 Oct 16
Honest and attentive. Having spent far too much time and money at another tattoo removal place with very limited success, I went to Rob for a consult. He listened to my entire long journey of trying to get this tattoo off, and didn't make me feel rushed at all. He was very upfront that he thought the previous place I'd gone to may have done more harm than good and that the ink may never come out as a result. He recommended not trying further treatments as he didn't want to waste my time or money, but left the decision up to me. I decided to go for one last shot and I'm glad that I did. Rob is very skilled and his procedure hurt far less than at the other place and to my surprise, it worked! After a handful of treatments, the tattoo is barely noticeable! This is a far better outcome than I had hoped for after my disastrous experience at the other shop. Rob really researches the science behind the removals and is honest and fair in his assessments. I would highly recommend him to anyone in a heartbeat -- the ONLY place to go!!read more
21:26 05 Oct 16
You said, " Right from the Start, Rob has been very detailed with describing the whole process of Tattoo removal. I felt comfortable working with him right away. You will know everything you need because he leaves no stone unturned. My Tattoo is on my back and is quite faded after a few visits. I had various colors in this one and understand that it is a process and not a wham bam thank you mam type deal. Come here before going anywhere else and get all the info you need. Rob will be very honest if the removal is for you or not. I am very pleased with my progress. The Facility is very clean and his staff is great. Anyone will be glad they went to Disapearing Inc before any othe place. It has been a great experience. "read more
Michael Christie
Michael C.
14:52 05 Oct 16
My experience at disappearing Inc was very satisfying! I had a very unwanted tattoo that wasn't so easy to just cover up and go over. Rob and his staff were very informative,courteous, and welcoming. Even though I'm very heavily tattooed I was still nervous going in and experiencing something I have not been through, they showed me the process and described very many factors that made me feel comfortable with going forward with the laser removal. Thanks again i will recommend many client that come to my place of business with a difficult tattoo to cover up and know they will be treated very well and informed but the very professional staff more
Bryan Renaud
Bryan R.
15:31 04 Oct 16
You said, 10/04/2016 " I've had ongoing treatment sessions with Rob, overall everything has been very good. Laser treatments have progressed well with good results. The process with Rob has been informative explaining all aspects of laser removal and instructions on pre treatment and after care to speed it along. I've gotten to know Rob over the the last 10 months he is knowledgeable about his work and a proffessional friendly guy "read more
Sarah Donnelly
Sarah D.
17:34 01 Oct 16
I had the classic tattoo of regret from my late teens and after a multi year hiatus of a first removal attempt from a med spa, I saw Rob for a consult. He was great and explained everything in detail. After taking a look at my tattoo, he suggested going a la carter as opposed to buying a package. I had my first appointment the same day and while it's not completely painless, it's highly tolerable. After some amazing results, I returned about 6 weeks later for round 2 and won't need anymore treatments. If you've ever thought of tattoo removal, go here and see Rob. Note: if you're going to the tremont st location via car, park at the commons and walk more
Kristina O'Callaghan
Kristina O.
23:18 22 Sep 16
Disappearing Inc. is a great! Their customer service is exceptional, and my tattoo has nearly disappeared! The flexibility makes it easy to fit time into my busy schedule. If you're thinking about removing your tattoo, definitely consider Disappearing more
Chris Troy
Chris T.
22:02 22 Sep 16
Just had my first session wow that was easy. I'd even do it again, oh that's right I don't need to
Kristina Zzakirova
Kristina Z.
21:38 19 Sep 16
Well, I loved the atmosphere there and the hole treatment is not that painful at all!���
ariel szabo
ariel S.
23:52 16 Sep 16
Disappearing Inc is awesome. The tattoo I was looking to have removed is in an intimate area, and he made me feel very comfortable and at ease. He is super fun to be around, which helps a great deal, as the process of removing a tattoo is not fun. Rob makes it as quick and painless as possible and I always look forward to my conversation with him. I purchased a package of ten sessions, and after the package, my tattoo is completely gone. I highly recommend disappearing inc for all of your tattoo removal needs. I wont miss the laser, but I will miss more
Mike D
Mike D
15:04 11 Sep 16
The information Rob and Eve shared with me regarding the entire process was very informative and confidence inspiring. So far so good with the removal as well. I'm still going thru the process and it is going very well. I'm very happy I went with Disappearing Ink for my tattoo more
Melissa Frias
Melissa F.
20:09 10 Sep 16
Just left the Disappearing Inc. in Braintree, and was so pleased with the session that I had with Eve. She was absolutely amazing, and explained everything in depth. I felt super comfortable the whole time, and can't wait to lighten it again! I will definitely be referring friends in the future! Thank you again! �read more
Ekaterina Kudrya
Ekaterina K.
20:28 25 Aug 16
I visited the Boston location and was very impressed. It's like a doctor's office. Rob went above and beyond to explain the procedure, the science and aftercare, making sure I was 100% informed before getting under the laser. Overall, a very great more
Tracy Griffin Fischer
Tracy Griffin F.
01:40 25 Aug 16
Evie has been great! She walked me through the whole process before we started, and keeps me amused while she works. It doesn't hurt nearly as much as I expected! Anyway, lots of fun, squishy toys to hang onto while Evie does her thing. Oh yeah, the office is totally funky! Lots of quirky eye candy decorating the place. You will be so busy looking around, you won't even realize what's happening!It's always a quick visit, and as I said, relatively painless. I only wish that the removal could move along faster, but that is my only complaint (and not much of one, really). You guys ROCK!read more
William Martin
William M.
00:13 17 Aug 16
I had my first treatment today, it was very informative and friendly. I will definitely be returning for my future Apts.
Julie Mackie
Julie M.
20:26 11 Aug 16
I went to Disappearing Inc after being frustrated with another provider. Disappearing Inc. has the most current technology and I was amazed how much more quickly I saw results, and it was (almost) painless. Their location is convenient, service is friendly and they were excellent at keeping appointment times, I never had to more
Kelly Kane
Kelly K.
15:25 09 Aug 16
Disappearing Inc. is great! Rob is super informative and really works with you to make sure you get the result that makes you the happiest. The process is quick and easy - the actual laser is not the most comfortable feeling in the world, but it is totally manageable. I don't have any other tattoos, but if I did and I wanted them removed, I wouldn't hesitate to come back here!read more
Darlene Gottlich
Darlene G.
18:47 03 Aug 16
I am in the process of having 2 tattoos removed. I am amazed at how quickly they are disappearing!! Two sessions on each so far and one is almost completely gone. The shop is very neat and clean and I must add the decor is great!! Eve is amazing! She knows her stuff and keeps you very comfortable and more
Johanna Torres
Johanna T.
15:09 23 Jul 16
I have been coming here for over 6 sessions and I'm very happy and excited about the results. Rob really takes the time to evaluate your tattoo and progress as an individual. He's very careful about considering skin tone and healing process. I feel his method and approach will give anyone the best results they can possibly receive because he gives me the sense he's only focus on what's in front of him at the momentread more
Carlinhos DosReis
Carlinhos D.
19:11 15 Jul 16
I started my tattoo removal and the first treat I'm so happy so far. Totality recommend.
Courtney McFarland
Courtney M.
12:13 05 Jul 16
I'm in the process of a 2x2 inch tattoo removal on my back. Eve has been great leading me through the process. I have very little pain during the procedure and Eve keeps me talking so I don't focus on the pain! The shop is clean and tidy and the process goes very smooth. Also, the eclectic style of the shop in Framingham makes it fun to visit (doesn't feel like a scary hospital room). One of my favorite things though is how quickly the whole appointment goes! I'm in and out and on with my day! The whole experience is great!read more
Norela Haviari
Norela H.
03:07 29 Jun 16
I had a moderate size stick and poke (3 x 6 inches) that was removed at Disappearing Inc right when they opened up their location in Boston. I went to 3 or 4 sessions. I planned on going to another one after seeing the absolute amazing results and having some ink left but I procrastinated and now (3 years later I believe) the ink leftover has vanished and there is nothing left. They do great work over here, I recommend them completely for their services, the quality, scheduling, and customer service. So informative and explanatory - made me feel totally at ease and I was able to explain what I was getting done to my friends and family as well! I would recommend them to more
James Marshall
James M.
13:26 26 Jun 16
Great atmosphere & professionalism. Rob and his team are the best!!
Amber Antonetti
Amber A.
16:23 25 Jun 16
I am so happy that I decided to go to disappearing inc! Eve was so awesome, kind, informative and comforting. I highly recommend ANYONE who wishes to remove a tattoo to go here. I'll be passing the word along to all friends/family for sure!read more
Rex Johnson
Rex J.
01:05 17 Jun 16
I'm only going in for a consult, I told myself. Ha! That was until I got to sit down with Eve and talk about my tattoo and their entire process. I've never felt more confident in starting something so substantial after talking with her. She's beyond knowledgeable, professional, and well spoken. Also has fantastic tattoo/ink knowledge! You can tell she cares, and wants to know just as much about how ink goes into the skin, as it does coming out. A true professional in my eyes. I've searched many years for a company that I felt had the expertise and capability of removing my tattoo, as it's larger than most we all see reviews of online. But after just leaving my consult and immediate first session with Disappearing Inc, I'm more than confident I made the right choice. On a pain scale (as everyone wants to know this) it was a mere 4/5 compared to what it felt like going on the first time with ink. If you have that tattoo you've hated your entire life like I do, and felt you've had nowhere to turn that you could trust, just please go in and talk with them. You'll see those days are past you now. Can't wait to go back for my next session. Thank you so much, Eve! You're the best!read more
Kasey Edwards
Kasey E.
23:40 24 May 16
Based on some excellent Google reviews, I met up with Rob to discuss removal of a portion of a tattoo I recently had done. I have to say, I am so impressed with his candidness and concern for my personal well-being and making the best decision possible. Rather than encourage me to remove it to make some business, he could sense that I was not 100% sure I wanted to go through with the process. He suggested I wait another 6 months and only come back if I was 100% on board. So, while I cannot review based on an actual removal, I have to say that his character and consideration is top notch. And, based on many successful removal reviews, it sounds like his ability is on the same more
Becca Bissonnette
Becca B.
00:50 22 May 16
I just had a session with Eve in Framingham and I absolutely loved it. She made sure that I understood everything and made me feel so comfortable. It was such a great experience and barely hurt at all. Thank you so much!read more
Madison Close
Madison C.
20:59 18 May 16
Such an excellent place to go! Rob does a great job and is very knowledgeable about the whole process!
Thomas Geary
Thomas G.
20:11 14 May 16
Just had my first session at the Boston location. Very clean facility and friendly staff! Thank you!
Sara Flowers
Sara F.
19:49 06 May 16
I got a "kitchen" tattoo on my back when I was 17 and I'd always chalked it up as a silly mistake until I met my not-tattooed fiancé and his not-tattooed family. When we started talking about marriage I realized that I could not have this on my back in a wedding dress. It was a black ink goddess Isis about 3in x3in and I have just had my 7th treatment today. It was so faint before today's appointment that I have no doubt it's history now. Interestingly, when I met Rob I was in the process of quitting smoking and doing quite well. When he said that smoking will counteract the immune system's flushing that ultimately pulls the ink out of your body after treatments, I quit completely and never looked back. Not only do I have no back tattoo now, I haven't touched cigarettes in two years. The best part of Rob's business is his style, approach, and respect. I travel to his Tremont location from Maine because of this. My local treatment centers treat clientele like we are ex gang members that need to repent and that they are helping us to fix ourselves. Rob loves tattoos and I love the ones that I still have!read more
Charuna Sesiones Perdidas
Charuna Sesiones P.
22:29 11 Apr 16
I had 3 sessions of Revlite at Tattaway, my tattoo was fading out, but when I had the third session at Disappearing inc I was shocked of how noticeable the difference was!. In only 1 session I had twice the effect! Also, Rob was really nice, he took the time to explain me everything. I will definitely go back for my forth. Rosario more
Mark Tucker
Mark T.
06:27 08 Apr 16
I think it's a wonderful that there's a place in Boston that dose coverups
Mari Avila
Mari A.
02:38 01 Apr 16
I absolutely loved Eve. She makes me feel comfortable every time I come in and she is very gentle. I started to see results just a week after my first more
Joie L
Joie L
19:41 29 Feb 16
This is the place to go if you want to get rid of a tattoo. Rob is super friendly, easy to understand and straight forward about the process. I'm one or two sessions away from being done and a happy clientA little more about my tattoo removal experience. It's worth mentioning I had been going elsewhere, and for 7 sessions all I got were huge blisters and scarring. Even worst, my tattoos weren't fading. The place closed down (thankfully) and after some searching, I came across Disappearing. Happy to say after only 2 sessions my tattoos faded more than they had for the 7 sessions at the other place! And the healing process was extremely minimal. So yes, I highly recommend this place!read more
JLee Muñiz
JLee M.
01:29 28 Feb 16
I just had my first laser tattoo removal session with Eve in Framingham and I couldn't be happier!! She was nice and upfront throughout the entire process, Eve made the process as quick and painless cooling my skin, On a pain scale of 1-10, it was about a 5, It hurt way less than getting the stupid fairy I got.... The price was not bad at all...Great experience.. You can see my video on my page... 6 weeks I'll be back for my second session .... I have a few more tattoos to remove and she will we removing all of them more
Nikia Clarke
Nikia C.
16:18 27 Feb 16
Had my first session yesterday with Eve and she made me feel so comfortable and minimal pain.
Fernandes Willian
Fernandes W.
03:17 14 Feb 16
I did a call on the last minute,not appointment or nothing very will handle. I never thought how really simple was to remove my Tatto,they just cold it down and that set. I really hate stuff like this but I recommend like really doesn't hurt at all!read more
Renee Chechile
Renee C.
19:00 10 Feb 16
I just had my first treatment yesterday and it's basically almost gone already! Eve was very informative and even more accommodating with my schedule. She was awesome. Thanks again! Can't wait to go back in 6 weeks!read more
Jaisyn Yemaya
Jaisyn Y.
02:29 24 Jan 16
Got some work done today at Dissapearing inc. Eve is the best. I have a very low tolerance for pain but she really talked me through the whole thing. I'll be back for mu next session soon! Great prices too!read more
Bryan Renaud
Bryan R.
02:52 05 Jan 16
Listen carefully to consultation information; it's informative and important about procedure expectations results skin types inks and care. I just had my first procedure on my neck and was pleased how well from start to finish it went. The veteran discount was greatly more
Brian Wilson
Brian W.
19:39 04 Jan 16
This company is excellent. They are not just trying to sell everyone that walks in their office; they actually take the time to present materials for your consideration. It is a no-pressure presentation of how the process works and what you can expect. Rob and Meg (at the Boston office) have been a pleasure to work with. Both are professional and friendly. I travel frequently for work, and they have made accommodations to my appointments on several occasions. For those wondering, yes, the process is somewhat painful, but it is not intolerable. It is 15-30 minutes of pain per session, which is worth it in my opinion. read more
Nora Reguig
Nora R.
01:43 24 Nov 15
Love love love this place. Rob and eve are the best. They are so kind and welcoming. I would defiantly recommend them to anyone who's looking for a tattoo removal. Thank you guys so much. read more
John Toti
John T.
15:24 20 Nov 15
Very nice People that run this establishment,they do excellent work.I'd recommend anyone looking for tattoo removal to go to more
James Welzel
James W.
11:36 05 Oct 15
Listen, this ones ganna be simple. There is no bigger skepticle about, well, stuff Im skepticle about. Do it, great experience, if your skepticle about whether or not to get rid of a tatoo, thats a tough one, but if you want em gone like me, some anyway, then you made it to the promise land, congrats, this guy is the man, 😎. O, your more
Ivone Rocha
Ivone R.
21:04 16 Aug 15
I love my 1 treatment I think disappearing is the best place to go for removing tattoos
Jenny James
Jenny J.
17:50 09 Jun 15
Very professional, very knowledgeable, friendly staff, and in a comfortable setting. Couldn't ask for more!
Jessica Pica
Jessica P.
15:36 08 May 15
I absolutely love Eve at Disappearing Inc! I had gotten my tattoo over 10 years ago, and while I could still identify with it, I just didn't feel that it was me anymore. My husband sees Rob in Boston for his visits, and after seeing the great results he was experiencing, I decided to finally take the plunge and visit Eve out in the Framingham location. Not only is Eve the sweetest and easiest person to talk to, but she is extremely well versed in the laser removal process and the science behind it. She takes the time to explain how the process works so that you understand it and feel comfortable with it. She also is wonderful in that she makes sure you are comfortable during the procedure and even follows up with you a few days after the appointment to make sure you are healing well and not experiencing any issues. Talk about customer service! This is not a one and done type of procedure though, so be prepared to wait their recommended number of weeks in between appointments to make sure you're fully healed. You won't be disappointed! After just 3 sessions, my tattoo is significantly faded, and I couldn't be happier!read more
Ivette Cab
Ivette C.
18:48 11 Apr 15
Just started my removal process love the place clean n super cute love the customer assistance very friendly and helpful!!!! Definitely recommendread more
Rene Rives
Rene R.
13:49 27 Mar 15
As soon as you walk through the door, you are warmly welcomed by the professional and informative staff in a mid-sized office complete with tea, coffee, and bowls of candy. The warm ambience is further enhanced by art, decorations, and found objects worthy of your favorite local gallery. Rob tunes in and listens to your story with a sense of humor but no judgement. He walks you through the process and teaches you the science in a nutshell, if you are interested-- and of course you are interested! It's lasers! And it works. Depending on the density of your undesired ink, Rob works the lasers which lead to your own antibodies(!) to magically erase the painful memories and mistakes from your skin. You almost wish you had more to erase just so you can return to this awesome place. more
Marie Aucoin
Marie A.
14:01 22 Mar 15
Was here yesterday , hospitality is great ! Work is awesome! Eve is so nice!
Christian Davis
Christian D.
00:04 08 Mar 15
Went to the Framingham location - maybe the best service of any kind I've ever received. Eve was so sweet and felt like someone I'd known for years in a matter of a few minutes! The office is decorated beautifully and there's a great candy/coffee spread. Highly recommended!read more
Meg Fifield
Meg F.
22:24 23 Jan 15
Great experience today in the new Framingham office! Comfortable setting, put at ease right away, and got down to business. Fast and really pretty painless! Can't wait for my next sessions and finally having this tattoo gone!read more
Sara Hartford
Sara H.
04:21 20 Jan 15
I was so scared to have this done and I have put it off for over 10 years. The moment I walked in her office she made me feel very very comfortable!! From asking me if I wanted coffee or tea to what music would u like to listen to!! I mean cone on guys lazer removal is gonna be a painful experience no matter what but she provided me all the tools I needed to feel safe and comfortable .she was so gental with me and the moment she saw I was in discomfort she would say r u OK or would u like a break. It was the best healing process I've ever gone through as well..I highly advise anyone and everyone who needs tattoos to go to disappearing ink!!!!read more
Talisha Heap
Talisha H.
15:26 17 Jan 15
I love this place! Rob does such great work and really educates his clients on the removal process. Would definitely recommend to anyone looking to remove their more
Jackie M
Jackie M
17:20 08 Jan 15
As a returning customer to Disappearing inc. I have had nothing but great experiences. Rob and his staff are courteous, professional, and honest. On my first visit Rob made it clear that if for any reason he did not think in his professional opinion I should get my tattoo lasered he would tell me so. He made sure that I understood the details of the procedure including the risks.The results of the first treatment were fantastic. My tattoo is large with a good deal of dark shading and over the next 8 weeks or so I saw significant improvement. Rob and the staff of disappearing inc. made themselves fully available to me if I had any questions or concerns during the healing process. My second trip was equally successful and Rob even lasered an additional small hand-done tattoo at no extra cost.Disappearing inc. makes it clear that their priority is providing an honest, quality service. Though they want your business, they will not take it at the expense of their clients if there is a reason they believe you should reconsider. This made me especially comfortable during my first and returning visits. I would recommend Disappearing inc. to anyone seeking a fairly priced, effective, and simple tattoo removal more
Dan Brown
Dan B.
19:35 07 Jan 15
I have been going to disappearing inc for alittle over a year now. Rob successfully broke my tattoo down that i could have it covered over with something ive wanted. I now am seeing his wife Eve at the framingham location to finish off the rest of my arm. Both Rob and Eve have made it such easy, friendly and comfurtable expierence everytime. Highly recommend them to anyone who is in need of a tattoo removed or if anyone has any questions on the process its more
Max Deals
Max D.
22:58 06 Jan 15
I recently made an appointment at the downtown Boston location to meet with Disappearing Inc. owner Rob Harris to discuss the possibility of utilizing his services to remove a Microscalp Pigmentation procedure I had done in December.Rob was very honest and explained to me the process of MSP reversal. He talked candidly about the procedure, explained the pro's and con's, and listened intently to my questions and concerns.Ultimately, he felt it was in my best interest not to proceed with reversing the tattoo.I felt comfortable, welcomed and left appreciating Rob's honesty and openness.His staff was polite and professional, and the office was clean and easily accessible.Even if you are only considering getting your tattoo removed, I would highly recommend visiting Disappearing Inc. based on the professionalism and hospitality Rob and his staff demonstrated. read more
Emma Pomeroy
Emma P.
19:58 20 Dec 14
The space is clean, comfortable and cool! Everyone is so welcoming and Rob is great--puts you right at ease! Glad I found Disappearing Inc. out of all the other tattoo removal establishments. Definitely more
Marcos Miranda
Marcos M.
01:27 26 Oct 13
Rob was exceptional. Great service and fair prices. I loved the treatment and how sincere and helpful he was. I highly recommend Disappearing Inc. read more
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