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Disappearing inc.
Laser Tattoo Removal Specialists
Boston, Braintree, Framingham & now Easthampton

At Disappearing inc., tattoo removal is all we do. We love tattoos and understand tattoos, ink and technology better than anyone.

We want you to feel completely comfortable with your decision to get your tattoo removed or lightened. That’s why before we even get started, we offer an in-depth treatment analysis coupled with the most affordable pricing options.

With four locations, Boston, Braintree, Framingham and now Easthampton, our certified technicians use only the latest state-of-the-art laser technology to remove your tattoo safely, efficiently and effectively. So, you can feel good knowing you’ve come to the right place. Disappearing inc., the only place to undo your tattoo.

Check out our new webinar on tattoo removal.  It’s everything you wanted to know (the 101)!

Disappearing inc., New England’s premier laser tattoo removal studio.