At Disappearing inc. we’re proud to specialize exclusively in tattoo removal. Because we’re not a spa or a salon, we get you. We understand that the reason you got your tattoo is as personal as the reason you now want it removed.

When a medspa looks at a tattoo, they see an aesthetic procedure. When a dermatologist looks at a tattoo, they see a medical procedure. When we look at a tattoo, we see it as a Venn diagram – it’s a combination of things. First, we look at the person’s skin, the laser’s capabilities and, most importantly, the ink. Because there is enormous variability in tattoo ink, one needs to have a deep understanding of ink to know how to remove a tattoo.

We have spent more time than anyone else learning about ink, how it reacts and how best to remove it. The laser is just a tool.  It needs to be in the right hands for you to get the results that you want.