No we don’t and there are some very good reasons we don’t:

  1. We tried two different Pico lasers and they simply did not work as well as the Q-switched lasers we currently use.
  2. While it is true that Pico lasers do some things very well (laser facials, for example), they simply don’t do as good of a job on tattoo removal. It is still unclear as to why this is the case, but again, given that we have tried two different Pico lasers and have not been pleased with the results does give credibility to our contention that Q-switched lasers work better for tattoo removal.
  3. One of our competitors bought the first Pico laser on the market and they are now trying to sell it because it just didn’t perform as promised (as a matter of fact, the company that produced it, Cynosure, is being sued for false claims of efficacy).
  4. Pico technology is 2-3 times as expensive as Q-switched technology which means we would need to charge you 2-3 times more per treatment.  This would make sense if we could guarantee that your tattoo could be removed 2-3 times faster, but this has not been the case. In fact, companies have now realized that pico technology is actually not as effective as Q-switched technology in the early stages of the removal process and is now being recommended only for the later stages.

Ultimately, it’s not the laser that does the removal, it’s the person holding the laser.  We have developed a protocol that removes tattoos better than anyone else – that’s why our results are better than anyone else.