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In December 2010 I started dating my last boyfriend, we dated for almost a year, things at the end of that year were somewhat rocky, he had a lot of personal issues going on, so I thought maybe a break was what we both needed. I was ignorant to the severity of the issues that were going on in his life, but regardless of our “boyfriend-girlfriend” title, I was there for him to talk or whatever. He spent his last night here on this earth with me, I brought him home the next day and I went to work, I received a call 2 hours later that he had killed himself.  It’s been a battle for me to move past this, I felt I needed some sort of outlet, I needed some sort of release, so I got a tattoo, within weeks of his passing. I have a huge cartoon character version of him on my side. I knew about a half hour after getting it I messed up. I would like to get something to remember him with, but the work on my side is just BAD. I would like this one removed, and something a little more subtle, something I know he would love, to remember him by.


At the early age of about 16 years old I thought I would be a canvas and put a flaming dice on my neck the size of a baseball (by a man in a kitchen). People now ask me if that is a flaming baseball or I don't know what it is, LOL. I am 29 years old, I went back to school, I work and I'm trying to start a career in marketing and estimating. I want to go further than I am and it’s unfortunate that tattoos are not fully accepted in the professional work place yet (hoping they would be in the near future). It stinks to be looked at in a bad manner, when I am a great person who helps people every day. Thanks for this project and a chance to lead a better life.

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I have a large tattoo on my arm. I got it because I was having identity issues and I got a sailor Russian nesting doll in memory of my grandfather who escaped and died the day before my dad was born. I regret my tattoo so bad now.

I'm so self-conscious of myself and I'm always covering up my tattoo. I wasn't thinking about the future at all. About when I get older, my wedding dress, my kids, and the biggest part.....When I want to apply to become an officer in the military and be in the medical field, I need to have the tattoo removed. They will never accept me with this tattoo. This is my dream.  I don't want to be military police forever....I want to be in the medical field helping people like they did to me in 2004. I should have been dead, I was a broken rag doll, but the nurses took care of me and I want to take care of people. I can't do that until my tattoo is removed.

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I married my husband John back in 2000.  We got each other’s names tattooed on our shoulders. After turning into an alcoholic and years of physical abuse we divorced. I am left with a permanent scar on my face where he attacked me which will never go away but I know his name can be removed from my right shoulder.  It’s like having a monkey on my back named “John”. All the time.  Please consider me in the running.  I really want his name gone forever!!!

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Everything about this tattoo is hell. Every time I look at it, it brings me bad memories. I would do anything to get rid of it & start fresh. It’s embarrassing.

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I got this tattoo while living in Germany in the late 90′s.  I am now a 38 year-old mother and an executive assistant at a large global company….  When I got the tattoo I thought that I ‘needed’ it and now I just regret it.  I am so embarrassed anytime someone comments on it….  It is also difficult to explain to my six year old….  I would give anything to have it removed.

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When I was married to my first husband I had gotten our anniversary date in roman numerals on the inside of my arm.  When I went to get it covered, the girl (who also became a friend) and I were listening to 50 shades of grey and talking, and clearly she wasn’t paying attention. It now looks like I have smurf puke under my arm pit…..she put 3 stars over the date and for some reason put a blue blob around the stars. Everyone laughs at me now especially when I say I have smurf puke, and they agree. I should have gone with my first thought when trying to cover it up, and just put a line through the date and put my next wedding date underneath. Lesson learned. My puke needs get cleaned up.

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I got this tattoo at a home tattoo party when I was about 17, that was about 20 years ago. It seemed like a good idea at the time, but now I am married and have 2 year old twins who are starting to ask questions every time I take my shirt off. I would like to have it removed for my kids so I can set a better example for them, and teach them to think before they do anything they may regret in the future.

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The very first tattoo I got is on the side of my calf, and it says my name. I got that tattoo done when I was only 13 years old. Just two years ago, I wanted to add more. “Luckily,” I found out one of my friends from middle school, does tattoos. She did it, but the flowers that she tattooed on me were more like starfish than flowers. None of the tattoos came out the way that I wanted. I regretted every moment of it.

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I was a teenager and moved to a new city when I got my tattoo.   I just wanted to fit in and as you can see it is not a professional tattoo. I made a huge mistake getting this tattoo and have wanted to remove it for a long time. I have tried creams and other ways to remove it.   I am currently unemployed and looking for work and it is one of the first things they see. I am afraid it gives them a poor first impression of me.    I am in the process of making some changes in my life and this would help me make a fresh start.

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Just about 2 years ago. I thought I was going to spend the rest of my life with a man who was in jail, had 7 kids & never worked a day in his life- I was sadly mistaken. Young & stupid was I! I’ve done everything short of cutting my finger off, trying to see if it would fade. If your product doesn’t work, I may very well cut it off it’s basically ruining my life, I’m engaged to be married to ‘STEVEN’ & on my ring finger it says ‘JONATHAN’ . Steven won’t say “I do” till Jonathan has been removed permanently.

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I wanted a portrait of my grandmother, unfortunately the artist I chose was not as adept as I had hoped.  The shading in the picture looked much different on my arm, and my grandma looks like she has a beard.  In an attempt to draw attention away from gramma’s beard, the artist (at my bequest) put “day of the dead” make up on her.  Now she looks like a zombie made up granny with a beard.  What was supposed to pay homage to a beautiful lady is now essentially a joke.

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