Knowing how to remove a tattoo is one thing. Being a certified laser tech is another. Having all this and the understanding of the whole process from getting the tattoo to removing it – that’s what Disappearing inc. is all about and why I am now a tattooed laser tattoo removal guy…
Knowing I was going to be working with clients who all have tattoos, I felt it was really important for me to get a tattoo. “How can I relate to my clients if I have never been through the experience of getting a tattoo?” My thought was to be able to have empathy with my clients by going through the same process as they had. My brother-in-law joked that, “Bankruptcy lawyers don’t need to go through bankruptcy to empathize with their clients.” True, but different. In this case, getting my first tattoo was way more of a mental and physical journey than I would have imagined. It wasn’t all about the pain (which I didn’t think was all that bad), though that certainly played a role, but more about the whole process. My first tattoo is a design of my own, artfully executed and embellished by the amazing Matt Myrdal at Pino Brothers Ink in Cambridge.
2013-04-02 20.36.07
I thought after that, I was done. Boy, was I wrong. The next question my clients asked was, “Does it hurt more to have the tattoo put on or removed?” Having never had a tattoo removed, I realized that this was the next step. At first I thought of getting a small dot somewhere and making that enough. But to really understand the process, I knew that would be the coward’s way out. To Hourglass Tattoo in Cambridge I went and worked with the super-talented Suze Manzo who tattooed our tagline, “Undo Your Tattoo” and a flying spaghetti monster on my leg (Ramen) in a spot where I would be able to remove it myself.undo
I did the first treatment the day after (as a test) and just completed the second treatment. Click the link to see the video! (Disappearing inc – Tattoo Removal, Rob Harris).
My third tattoo came about because I wanted to have a original piece of Japanese art on my body and knew just the artist to do it. Rueben “Horikei” Kayden of Chameleon Tattoo in Harvard Square is an expert in traditional Japanese tattooing, having trained in Japan. He created this beautiful koi that will be colored in next week.

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