When we first started in the tattoo removal business 4 years ago, we had no idea how amazing our journey would be.  We don’t just remove tattoos, we change lives.  From the removal of an ex, to the ability to get into the military, we are making a tangible, important impact for our clients.  We have always said that, “The reason you are removing your tattoo is as unique as the reason you got it in the first place.”  That being said, although each story is different, they also share some things in common.  In order to find out more about our clients and why they come to see us, we did a survey, the fascinating results of which are below:
Startling New Statistics on Tattoo Removal from Disappearing inc.
Tattoo Regret on the Rise
Boston, Massachusetts (3/24/2017) – Disappearing inc., New England’s largest laser tattoo removal company has some startling new statistics on the laser tattoo removal industry based on two recently conducted research studies.
Tattoo Regret on the Rise – In the past we have seen research that says upwards of 17% of those tattooed have some sort of tattoo regret. “We conducted our own independent research in Massachusetts among those who are tattooed and learned that nearly 60% (58.5%) of those tattooed don’t like one or more of their tattoos and 40% are thinking about tattoo removal or lightening.  These are extraordinary new numbers, are quite telling about what people have on their bodies and are a positive outlook for our industry,” said Rob Harris, founder of Disappearing inc.
Why the Regret? – Of those with tattoo regret who are getting tattoo removal, the most popular reasons they are getting their tattoo/s removed, in order, are:
1) It just wasn’t me anymore
2) Don’t like the position on my body
3) It was just bad art
4) It was my Ex!
5) Wanted a cover-up
Most People Have More than One Tattoo – Harris went on to say, “Like me, people love being tattooed.  I started getting tattooed in 2013 and have over 38 hours of ink on my body.  I was curious as to the trend for others. Of our survey participants, three quarters of those surveyed (75.9%) have more than one tattoo.”
About the Research – Disappearing inc. conducted two independent research studies.  One survey was from its current clients and the other from 300 random tattooed people in Massachusetts.