After many months of planning, Disappearing inc. is just about to open for business.  It all started as an idea at a coffee shop in the South End.  What if we were to create a studio exclusively for tattoo removal unlike any in Boston?  What would our guiding principles be?  How would we be different from everyone else who provides this service?  The answers came slowly, but underlie everything we do at Disappearing inc.
* We love tattoos – Tattoos are art and you should be proud of what’s on your body. As we say, “the reason you got your tattoo is as personal as the reason you want it removed.”  It’s not about feeling bad about your art, it’s about a new, fresh start.  Whether you are lightening a tattoo to have another put on top of it or having it completely removed, we get you and will work with you to achieve your goals.
* Tattoo removal is all we do – We could offer facials and other laser procedures.  We could provide beauty products and massages.  But that’s not what we are about.  We do one thing  – tattoo removal.
* We are not a salon, spa or doctor’s office –From the beginning we believed that it shouldn’t cost an arm and a leg to get a tattoo lighted or removed.  We want our procedures to be fairly priced.  We use the state-of-the-art lasers that can take out almost any color and treat you in a comfortable, hip environment.   Not everyone digs a miniature, imitation waterfall and spa music!
* We want to make sure you know everything about the process – Let’s face it, any new procedure can be scary.  We will take as much time is required to make you feel completely comfortable with our services.  No question is ever bad.  We want to make sure you know everything you want to know before we start.
* It needs to be convenient – We looked at real estate from Newton to Newbury Street to find the perfect location and we found it on Tremont St.  Not only do we have a killer view, but we are in the center of the city, accessible from anywhere!  We are literally steps from the Park Street T station.  As you can see in the pic, we have an amazing view of the Common and State House from the treatment room windows.
If you are thinking of having a tattoo lightened or removed, there’s only one place to go to Undo Your Tattoo.  Give us a call or schedule a time to come in and experience the Disappearing inc. difference.  See you soon.