7 Things You Should Know Before Your Tattoo Removal Consultation

If you’re looking to get your tattoo removed then definitely take a couple short minutes and watch the video above. In it, I address 7 frequently asked questions and concerns regarding tattoo removal.

Specifically, you’ll discover:

1) How Tattoo Removal Works
2) Will Your Tattoo Be Completely Removed After The First Treatment
3) How Long You Should Wait Between Your Tattoo Removal Treatments
4) What To Know If You Have A Colored Tattoo
5) Will The Tattoo Removal Process Scar You
6) Does Getting Your Tattoo Removed Hurt?
7) How Much Does Tattoo Removal Cost?

In the video I also reference the Kirby Desai Scale. Although I explain what this scale is about in the video, I believe you may want to read more about it on your own. You can do so right here: Kirby Desai Scale

Having said all this, I understand that everyone’s situation is different so you may have specific questions that you want answered. The quickest way to learn everything you need to know is to set up a free and zero-pressure consultation with me.

We’ll discuss your unique situation and answer any and all of your burning questions. By the time you walk out, you’ll know exactly what the process will be like and whether or not it’s something you would like to do. Click here to sign up for a free consultation.

I really hope this video was helpful to you. If we can be of help to you, simply let us know.